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Reflections- CoV Chaos

Mar 18, 2020

People are confused today, these people include doctors, health care workers and non medical personnel alike because we all share the same socio cultural psychology as well as can’t understand who and what to believe in the cacophony of over information in local and social media.

Following is what I have understood:

  1. There is a highly contagious virus which is easily transmitted thereby causing exponential increase in infected populations over a short period of time.
  2. This disease, COVID 19 is mild in approximately 80% of those infected but rest would require medical attention.
  3. The available infrastructure is not prepared to handle the en masse management of seriously ill victims in case transmission is allowed to happen in short span of time.
  4. Slowing transmission may be the only feasible option till we develop immunity/ vaccine or find a low cost, easily producible and administrable as well as effective cure.
  5. Therefore, all measures to slow down transmission are to buy enough time to treat all those who need treatment and develop immunity/ vaccine.
  6. Thus, what seems extreme now may be necessary to prevent higher cost to human life and economy in long run.
  7. A coordinated effort is important from all health care facilities, educate and protect your staff and health workers so they can help others.
  8. We as medical practitioners need to educate and protect ourselves because we can’t be blind to reality nor can we work from home and we will need to work as economy struggles and problems more severe than CoV like economic depression, depletion of necessary articles due to opportunistic hoarding and psychological impact rises.
  9. So when people ask me, “ is it as serious as they show it, I say it’s as serious as you see it! Is water going to become a rare commodity in future, we don’t know but we should save water! Is COVID19 going to be the Black Plague, I don’t know but no harm in not going to the mall and wearing a mask till we get a vaccine and an OPD administrable cure.